Lao tones by color

This is a prototype of a system to help with learning Lao, particularly the tones. It takes any Lao text, splits it up into syllables, determines their tone from consonant class and tone mark and renders them with a colored background that indicates tone.

In case the color scheme shouldn't be obvious (it's supposed to be): yellow represents the high tones, being generally perceived as a more "active", thus "higher" color (think "sun") than calming blue (think "water") which is used for low tones. Balanced green is in the middle. Dark yellow and green indicate high-falling and mid-falling tones respectively while light blue marks a low-rising one.

You can also try entering the URL of a web page in Lao to have it colored. Try this one, or that for a more complex, propagandistic page.

Stuff that's still missing:

If you get a transparent background on a syllable you know to be valid Lao, that's likely due to a bug in my code. Please let me know what you typed at m+coloroke at

Example: ໄກ່ ໄກ ໃກ້ ສະບາຍດີ
Or try this.

ມະນຸດເກີດມາມີສິດເສລີພາບ ແລະ ສະເໝີໜ້າກັນໃນທາງກຽດຕິສັກ ແລະ ທາງສິດດ້ວຍມະນຸດມີສະຕິສຳປັດຊັນຍະ(ຮູ້ດີຮູ້ຊົ່ວ)ແລະມີມະໂນທຳຈື່ງຕ້ອງປະພຶດຕົນຕໍ່ກັນໃນທາງພີ່ນ້ອງ

Tone Legend: